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  • For legal advocacy, information or referrals, please call the Legal Advocacy Helpline at (212)683-0605,  M-F  9:30am-5pm  please call 212.683.0605. No Emails Accepted!
  • For the Alliance for the Safety of Animal and People (ASAP) please contact Elaine Wolff at or Susan Urban at 
  • If you have questions about registering for a CONNECT Training Institute (CIT) course or a Community Empowerment Program (CEP) seminar please contact the Administrative Coordinator, Divine-Asia Planes at
  • For information about CONNECT Youth, CONNECT Men or events like CONNECT Men’s Roundtable contact the Director of CTI and CEP Quentin Walcott at
  • For more information about becoming a CEP Partner please contact the Director of Programs, Sally MacNichol at or Quentin Walcott@
  • For information about CONNECT Faith events like Interfaith Theological Roundtable contact
  • For more information about Hombres Dialogando Program contact CEP Violence Educator, Marlon Walker at 
  • For more information about CONNECT Women or to sign up for the Book Club contact CEP Violence Educator, Sharene Roig at 
  • For general information about CONNECT or inquire about our volunteer or internship positions please contact us at