The Power of Transformative Dialogue as a Practice for Preventing Intimate Violence

Can you believe that February is already here! We are celebrating Black History and raising awareness about Teen Dating Violence. At CONNECT, we are always thinking about transformation, especially about those attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that fuel intimate violence.

And  this month we want to focus on a critical practice in our prevention work: dialogue.

These days we have an incredible array of tools that contribute to making change happen. Social media has become a powerful and far reaching way for informing, educating, and connecting people. However, when we are talking about preventing violence in intimate relationships, and local communities, there is still nothing like connecting face to face, heart to heart and soul to soul.

This is why we believe that dialogue is essential to liberation. By listening deeply to others people’s stories, we come to understand our own stories in different ways. By freely speaking the truth of own our experience, we discover inner resources we never knew we had. Through sharing, we come to see the ways we can more effectively hold ourselves and each other accountable. Our commitments to nonviolence, to community, to each other and to self are strengthened. 

At CONNECT, our circles, roundtables, workshops, and seminars are safe spaces where people can name and challenge the dynamics of power and control and explore the way these dynamics create and sustain violence in our particular racial-ethnic and social - cultural locations. Creativity is released. New ways to resist and transform violence emerge and healing begins to happen. A sense of belonging, of community is a critical component of the healing process. And healing is necessary for building peace together.

In all our work this month, and throughout the years dialogue continues. Below are just four opportunities for transformative dialogue. We invite you to join us. There are many more in our calendar of events.

We hope to see you this February.

- Sally and Q

Co-Executive Directors 

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